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Advantages &  Special Features


Our Patent Pending Utility and Design patent has allowed us to deliver our customers a truly unique line of products. From the angles of the panels to the construction of the double-bottom and overall form , we have studied how to best integrate the technolgy of tomorrow into our products. We are the only manufacturer to integrate solar panels in the body of our boats to make it one cohesive body where all elements work with each other to create a balanced, clean, power generating and eco-friendly product.


 - 100% Solar Powered 

Our ECO boats are 100% solar powered and have been conceived for electric motors in order to harness the power of the sun while keeping our waters clean. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience and product we can be proud of.

Clean & Comfort

Our large benches allow for a comfortable ride and allow you to store your batteries and essentials for the ride. The ECO line is specifically Manufactured to naturally rid of excess water in the boat, allowing for a clean floor all all times.

Stability &  Security

Our boats are designed with a double bottom filled with 6'' of specialized high density foam which contributes to a very stable ride and guarantees our boats to be sink-free.

Maintenance Free

Aside from an always clean concept, the integrated solar panels allow for a long lasting performance of the batteries and hence no need to constantly take them out for charging purposes. Enjoy the day and let the panels charge your batteries as you take an afternoon lunch break or when you dock after a day's stroll.

Super Light & Strong Aluminum build

 - 100% Aluminum

Our 100% marine grade aluminum design allows for not only a solid, damage resistent body, but also an extremely light weight and easy to handle product.

Battery Gauge and LED screen

Ride in confidence with our built in LED solar panel regulator and battery gauge indicator. Know at all times how much power your panels are producing and keep tabs on your battery life.

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