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What makes us different ?

Well, basically everything. Our patent pending puts us in a unique position to safely say we are the first solar power integrated, 100% aluminum boat. It would be difficult to find a competitor because quite frankly, there aren't any. We are not looking to compete with anyone for that matter, what we are striving to do is create a new segment of leisure boats that can be equally pleasant to ride than it is environmentally conscious. Our president and founder, with over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing field, has devoted the last 10 years to the Research & Development of these vehicles to achieve a design and utility which cannot be replicated. Our in-house expertise means we enginneer, develop and assemble all of our boats in-house.

We noticed a need for more environmentally friendly leisure boats, especially on calm private lakes and places where the phasing out of gasoline motors is taking place. We then took this idea and decided to integrate it in an attractive, safe and comfortable boat for anyone to enjoy. Current embarcations are old, dirty and even unsafe in many cases, built with low-end materials and with no comfort or safety in mind. We decided to change that. 

The outboard motor feature lets you use which ever outboard motor you choose. Connect it all to the batteries, which are charged by the solar batteries and you are good to go ! Batteries are deep cycle batteries that last up to 3 times longer now with the use of the integrated solar panels.

In addition, Maintenance is a breeze. The boats are even built to be self cleaning. The noiseless motor makes fishing or just strolling around a pure joy. 

  1. 100% Aluminum Build

  2. Solar Powered

  3. Long lasting Battery life

  4. Almost No maintenance

  5. Noiseless

  6. Self-Cleaning

  7. Stable and Secure

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